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There are many kinds of products included in the chemical industry, and the functions and properties of different products are completely different. Take ceramic bar beam and grille, in the eyes of a lot of people do not know what product this is, do not know what kind of role and performance. Let's take a comprehensive inventory of the relevant information.

What are ceramic beam and grille? This is simply a supporting material. This type of material is mainly made of aluminum oxide, clay and some inorganic non-metallic materials together, after the formulation and molding and processing, the formation of a certain amount of support products. This type of product can not only be used for support, the key is also able to meet the needs of support in some special circumstances, such as in the corrosive environment, can still maintain a strong support, so that it has a certain corrosion resistance performance advantage.

Furthermore, the design of the support structure is a combination of grilles and beams. Such a design makes its overall comprehensive opening rate can reach more than 58%, can adapt to 1.5-2m/s high gas speed requirements, product production is easy, as long as the old factory transformation with a little change, can meet the design requirements, support structure maintenance, replacement is very easy. Our company can produce Al2O3, content ≤75%, width ≥40, height ≤260, length ≤2500 various bar dyeing, according to user requirements, width and length ≤220 various specifications of grilles. This product is mainly used in the chemical field and sulfuric acid manufacturing and many other industries in the tower filler structure support.

After a brief introduction whether to understand what ceramic beam and grid. What need to remind everybody here is, when choose and buy this kind of product, want to notice its appearance whether to have crack or appear serious craze circumstance, once appear such circumstance expresses its processing flow to appear problem, quality is hard to guarantee, do not choose.



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