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Cross ring

Ceramic cross baffle ring packing is also developed based on the idea of increasing the specific surface of the packing to enhance the mass transfer efficiency. Generally speaking, due to its large size, this kind of packing is only suitable for neat stacking, and currently it is generally only used as the support distribution layer at the bottom of the tower. Φ cross baffle ring of 80-150 - mm specification as a supporting material, gap rate is greater than 60%, the number of the whole number.

Ceramic cross baffle ring has high density and excellent resistance to acid and heat, and can resist all kinds of inorganic acid, organic acid and organic solvent corrosion except hydrofluoric acid. Ceramic cross baffle ring can be used for drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower, washing tower, regeneration tower in chemical industry, metallurgy, gas, environmental protection and other industries.

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