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Concave-convex acid-proof brick

Acid resistant plate is widely used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, food, dairy, juice, paper, fertilizer, pesticide, chemical fiber, textile, smelting, power plant, electroplating room and other industries, as well as the tower, pool, tank, tank, tank lining, and in the open ground and sewage treatment projects and other work sites have played its role in corrosion resistance.

Acid and the main components of the porcelain plate is sio2, it much more formed under high temperature roasting aluminium andalusite, this is a kind of acid and high performance material. Acid plate due to the tight structure, bibulous rate is small, so at room temperature can also be resistant to any concentration of alkaline medium, except of high temperature molten alkali. Acid plate containing silicon dioxide by more than 70%, the sintering and become, in the chemical industry commonly used to build by laying bricks or stones acid, acid, acid storage library and acid big hit the ground.

1. General epoxy resin, acid-proof cement and acid-proof cement can be applied, and construction can be carried out according to the above manufacturer's product operation manual;

2. Wash the concrete surface with oxalic acid to neutralize the acid and alkali;

3. Industrial porcelain acid-proof plate, the width of interseam is about 2-10mm, and the depth of interseam should be flat with the plate thickness to prevent leakage; Apply bath acid to scour the surface after the finish to help make it stronger.

4, the product is often used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, chemical fiber, paper, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, food, dairy, juice, electroplating room and tower, pool, tank, tank, tank and other anti-corrosion engineering, and in the underground sewage and open ground and other working places can play its corrosion resistance.

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