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Corrugated packing

Ceramic structured packing is a kind of packing which is arranged in uniform geometry and piled up neatly. Structured packing is mainly to replace the bulk packing in the tower, to solve the prominent problems such as large resistance, small specific surface area, poor mass transfer efficiency and fragile. It defines the gas-liquid flow path. The elutriation, wall flow and wettability were improved. It reduces the resistance and provides more gas-liquid contact area to improve the mass transfer and heat transfer effect. It can be widely used in gas washing tower. Coking washing, benzene washing, ammonia washing, fertilizer hot gas saturation, desulfurization of acid, sulfuric acid drying, absorption tower, etc. Ceramic corrugated structured filler is composed of hard porcelain, the main components of clay, quartz, feldspar and other special baked. Its formation is composed of a number of units with the same geometric shape of corrugated plates parallel to each other, cross superposition.


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