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Company Introduction

JiangXi PingXiang LongFa Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, with a registered capital of 106 million RMB and an area of 400 mu. It is the President Company of "PingXiang industrial ceramics industry chamber of commerce of JiangXi province".After nearly 20 years of continued healthy development, LongFa has become a large joint-stock enterprise of industrial ceramics production, anti-corrosion insulation engineering construction, environmental protection equipment production and installation .

The parent company has found:Jiangxi Pingxiang LongFa Import and Export Trade Co., LTD.,industrial ceramics Co., LTD., anti-corrosion & insulation engineering Co., LTD., environmental protection equipment co., LTD.,  coal trade co., LTD,and other economic entities units .

It has the national second-level anti-corrosion and heat preservation project construction qualification, third-level mechanical and electrical equipment installation project contracting qualification, and third-level environmental protection project contracting qualification.The company has won more than 40 national and provincial honors, leading products "LianFa" brand industrial ceramics series products for the domestic industrial ceramics industry the first well-known trademark in China.

Adhering to the business philosophy of " Quality in excellent , Price in reasonable, business in Sincere ,To be honest, Win by Innovation ", the company takes the development road of scientific and technological innovation, reform and transformation, has established industrial ceramics research and development center, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment research and development center, and introduced more than 50 professional talents.In the aspect of scientific and technological innovation, we will strengthen the close cooperation with relevant universities and scientific research institutions, and constantly make new achievements in product development and technological progress.LongFa has been approved by the national high-tech enterprise provincial enterprise technology center, provincial industrial ceramics engineering technology research center.

LongFa has the most advanced automatic roller kiln ceramic production line, wide-body energy-saving and environment-friendly tunnel kiln ceramic production line, energy-saving and environment-friendly shuttle kiln ceramic production line in the industry, with the annual production capacity of industrial ceramics reaching 150,000 tons.Company independent research and development of "high aluminum bearing ceramic beam and its preparation method", "all the high alumina ceramic ball arch", "grain type opening porcelain ball" and so on more than 20 new products, new technology has obtained national invention patent and the patent for utility model, the "double the whole porcelain ball arch", "grain type opening porcelain ball" won the "national key new product".Over the years, all kinds of industrial ceramics products have been tested by the national industrial ceramics quality inspection agency, and all the indicators have reached or exceeded the national standards.

LongFa is a member of China pulp and paper, phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid industry equipment service network.The Company engaged in anti-corrosion insulation engineering design, construction and technical advisory services, the various anti-corrosion, insulation, cold insulation engineering contracting, construction outlets all over the country more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, cover pulp paper industry, oil, natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, food, medicine and other fields.Anti-corrosion insulation engineering one-time Inspection and acceptance qualified rate 100, Win consistent praise from clients.

JiangXi PingXiang LongFa Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Filiale: JiangXi PingXiang LongFa Import and Export Trade Co.,Ltd

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