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Good News! Our company was selected as the first batch to participate in the Thousand Enterprises and Hundred Cities Trademark Brand Value Enhancement Action List.

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State Intellectual Property Office announced

The First Batch of Trademarks Participating in the "Thousand Enterprises and Hundred Cities

Brand Value Enhancement Action List



JiangXi PingXiang LongFa Enterprise Co., Ltd.


  Ltd. is an intellectual property demonstration enterprise, the main trademark "Lianfa" is a well-known trademark in China, Jiangxi Province famous trademark; the main products are China ceramic industry brand-name products, Jiangxi Province brand-name products, top ten brands in Pingxiang. Enterprises focus on R & D and intellectual property protection, annual R & D investment accounted for more than 5% of operating income, in 2022 to obtain three consecutive years of tax payments of more than 10 million yuan "large taxpayers" title.

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